Get help paying for your college expenses. 澳门新葡新京在线的大多数学生都接受过某种类型的教育 of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, loans and work study. 你可以用 financial aid to help pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies and living expenses such 住房和食物.




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    UAF Ranked Most Affordable College in Alaska

    With in-state tuition well below the national average, UAF提供 quality education 以及负担得起的学费. But most of our students pay well below the full tuition price. 美国新闻 & 世界报道 regularly ranks UAF among the best and most affordable online colleges in Alaska. All distance learners at UAF pay in-state tuition and gain access to resources including academic advising, library services, a writing center and video tutorials. 澳门新葡新京在线三人 program offers tutoring and other resources to assist low-income and first-generation 大学生.





    Financial aid is funding that helps students and families pay for the cost of college. Need-based financial aid, such as the Pell Grant, Supplemental grants and Work-Study, are provided on the basis of the financial 需要 of the student and is generally determined by your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 其他类型的金融 aid are not determined by 需要, such as loans and merit-based scholarships.

    澳门新葡新京在线提供 a wide selection of financial aid options, including more than 400 scholarships as well as grants, 联邦工作研究 and loans that make UAF an even greater educational 价值. Here’s a quick look at each and where to find more information.

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will determine your eligibility for federal grants and loans, state grants and scholarships and some private scholarships. There is no deadline for the FAFSA, but we recommend completing it before February 15 to be considered for all UAF scholarships. 阿拉斯加州要求FAFSA by June 30 for state aid, including the 阿拉斯加表演奖学金.

    奖学金 are free sources of financial aid you do not have to pay back. 澳门新葡新京在线提供 more than 450 scholarships that you can apply for with a single application, as well as several merit-based admissions scholarships. 您可能也有资格获得 阿拉斯加表演奖学金UA学者奖 or other scholarships through outside agencies.

    Like scholarships, grants do not 需要 to be repaid after graduation and can be used 任何教育费用. In addition to several 需要-based federal grants (such as the Pell grant) you may also be eligible for the 需要s-based 阿拉斯加教育补助金 if you are an undergraduate student and Alaska resident.

    College loans must be repaid but can offer a major source of assistance to meet the 你的全部教育费用. Educational loans generally have long-term repayment schedules, offer low interest rates and may offer additional benefits related to financial 需要.

    联邦工作研究 is a form of student financial aid that allows you to work at your university to help meet expenses related to education. 它提供给那些 show financial 需要 and indicate interest in programs other than grants when filling 退出FAFSA.

    Find 金融援助 resources to pay for the cost of graduate school, learn how to apply for scholarships, tuition assistance and loans. 研究生经济援助的用途 Unsubsidized loans, PLUS loans, Graduate Tuition Assistance and scholarships.





    金融援助 can be a mix of loans, which you'll have to pay back, grants and other 援助形式. Apply for aid to see what you qualify for.

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    You may be eligible for scholarships, grants, Federal Work-Study and other types of 对教育费用的财政援助.

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    View the average expected costs for tuition, fees, housing and food — or use the cost calculator to get a personalized estimate for you.